Businesses are in a constant struggle to think of new and better ways to service their customers, sell their wares, be more efficient, do more with less, be innovative, save the world and oh by the way do it all sustainably while bringing all yourshareholders stakeholders with you on the journey.

We ask our employees to think and work differently to achieve this. But are we creating the conditions that allow our people to do that?

LEGO Serious Play is a chance to break out of our usual, limiting work patterns and spark creativity, innovation, new ways of communicating, thinking and problem solving.

There's a lot of reasons why this technique works.

  • You escape the "flatland" of powerpoint, documents and the verbal jousting that characterises so many meetings.
  • The problem and potential solutions get built right there on the table in front of you! It's amazingly powerful to see.
  • It engages and utilises 100% of your team 100% of the time.

But ultimately it's about changing the dynamic. The LEGO brick and the act of building taps into different parts of our brain not normally engaged at work. It encourages us to think differently, making new connections, seeing things in a new light.

It's the ultimate creative tool for kids, why not for adults?