24th - 26th September, 2019 (2 Spots Available)
Melbourne, Australia

27th - 29th November, 2019 (5 Spots Available)
Melbourne, Australia

15th - 17th January, 2020 (6 Spots Available)
Melbourne, Australia

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Facilitator training

Become a pro and get trained in the amazing LEGO® Serious Play® method! In this 3-day workshop you'll learn the advanced techniques to tackle business problems, improve team communications, increase employee engagement and drive creativity and innovation in your organisation. All with the power of LEGO® Serious Play®.


  • Team Leaders and Managers who want to drive innovation

  • HR Professionals and Facilitators looking to engage their business

  • Coaches and Mentors keen to delve deeper with their clients

  • Consultants wanting to add a powerful technique to their toolkit

  • Teachers and Educators ready to enhance their classrooms

  • Innovators and Strategists seeking to unearth the next big idea

  • User Experience Designers wanting to expand their repertoire

  • Those with an innovative spirit looking to change the conversation in their business or organisation.


This 3-day workshop is unlike any other. It is an intensive, small group coaching session where we give you everything you need to succeed in bringing LEGO Serious Play (LSP) to your organisation and maximising it's impact:

  • Background theory on why this method works

  • Templates to design a range of awesome LSP sessions

  • Extensive coaching on delivering LSP sessions (you'll get to practice delivering sessions over the 3-days)

  • Innovative new ways to capture the powerful conversations from a session. Most of which aren't covered in traditional LSP

  • Traditional uses for LSP (Individual, Team, Business)

  • Innovative new uses for LSP (including customising the workshop to include how you will use the method)

  • Key tips and strategies to win over important stakeholders, turning them into advocates and change agents

  • Understand the different kits that are available and how to build your own

  • Connect in to the worldwide LSP community

And most exciting of all you get your first LEGO Serious Play kit. The kit you’ll receive is specially put together just for you and has enough LEGO for 6-8 people (look at the photo to the left, you can see the kit there on the table). You will hit the ground running when you get back to work, delivering your first session straight away.

We want you to succeed and that’s why we provide you with a kit. And that’s why we provide lifetime phone and email support. Got a question before your first LSP session? Call us and have quick chat. Had a challenging group? Set up a video call with us. Want to take the method even further? Email us.


Michael Fearne is the founder of Pivotal Play. He has over 13 years experience in facilitating workshops and helping businesses tackle complex problems. For the last 7 years he has been buried in LEGO exploring the innovative uses of this amazing method. 

The big question on your mind…

I wanted to help you with one of the big questions you have:
After I decide on LEGO Serious Play who should I train with?

There are several LSP facilitator training programs in Australia. Here are some of the things that are unique to us:

  • A small group coaching environment. Maximum of 6 people in the class.

  • A course tailored to you. Where you have time to work on your unique situation under my guidance.

  • A teacher (that’s me) that is working 100% on LEGO Serious Play both with client sessions and teaching people the method

  • Three delicious lunches out at amazing Melbourne cafes

  • Superb facilities with a breathtaking view over Melbourne (including quality coffee and tea made for you on demand)

  • Your own LEGO Serious Play kit to take away, with enough LEGO for 6-8 people (worth $490)

  • Unlimited phone, video call and email support after the course. Seriously you can stalk me all you want.

  • Access to the LSP online course to review material in an easy bite sized video format.

Whoever you end up training with remember to really quiz them about what they provide in the course and make sure it fits with what you want in a learning experience.

Can’t wait to see you in the course ;)

- Michael

Logistics: 24th - 26th September WORKSHOP

Location: Melbourne (CBD), Australia

Date: 24th - 26th September, 2019


  • $3,300

  • For the first time we’re including a special LEGO Serious Play kit with enough pieces for 6-8 people.

  • This allows you to get running your first session much, much sooner. Normally you would have to go back after the 3-day course and purchase the LEGO, wait for it, put it together and then run your session. We’ve done all the work for you. You get a LEGO kit worth $490 that you would have had to buy anyway!


The above link is for credit cards. For bank deposit or invoices drop me a line at: michael@pivotalplay.com.au and I will send you the details

Logistics: 27th - 29th November WORKSHOP

Location: Melbourne (CBD), Australia

Date: 27th - 29th November, 2019


  • $3,300


Logistics: 15th - 17th JANUARY WORKSHOP

Location: Melbourne (CBD), Australia

Date: 15th - 17th January, 2020


  • $3,300



Still not sure? Got a question you want to ask or perhaps a chat to see if LEGO Serious Play is right for you?  Send us a message!

You can contact us via:

  • Email: michael@pivotalplay.com.au

  • Instant Message: Click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the page

  • LinkedIn: Connect on LinkedIn and send through a message!


The LEGO Group don't have an official certification program for LEGO® Serious Play®. This facilitator training (and indeed all LSP training around the world) is not sponsored or endorsed by the LEGO Group. They encourage people to get further training in the method (in programs like ours) but have chosen not to endorse any particular provider.