A few months LEGO revamped their official LEGO Serious Play website (www.seriousplay.com).  It does a good job of talking at a high level about the method, it's benefits, it's history and the research that backs it up.

It also strongly recommends the use of an experienced, certified facilitator to get the most out of the technique.  That's us!

It's not about dumping a pile of LEGO in front of people and seeing what comes out.  There's a lot of preparation that goes into understanding what the problem is and crafting a series of questions and activities that hone in on a solution.

And in the workshop the LEGO is just the tool that allows us to get to the real value: the knowledge, the stories, the connections and the new insights. An experienced facilitator helps to maximise that through keen questioning, challenging and crystallising.

If you have a moment, I encourage you to check out the official website.